SODIC is one of Egypt's leading real estate companies in 6 October with a diverse offering of commercial, residential, retail and hotel properties.
We believe in transforming the way people live and work. We do this through innovation, collaboration and challenging the conventional approach to real estate. This philosophy is embodied in projects like the award‐winning Allegria, which launched Cairo’s first signature golf course, and Eastown and Westown, two suburban cities centres which promise to be the new heartbeats of both sides of Cairo, and Kattameya Plaza which marks a new standard in contemporary apartment living.
All of our projects involve partnerships with global architects, master‐planners, engineers, designers and experts in many other fields. Our product range extends from high‐end villas to chic one‐bedroom apartments, from corporate headquarters to retail spaces within mixed‐use environments.
At SODIC 6 October we understand that people want a better quality of life, from the communities they live in, to the offices they work in and the outdoor spaces they shop and relax in. SODIC offers more than just real estate. We offer the opportunity to develop aspirations of a better life.