Mountain View October Park



Living in a Park is not like living anywhere else. Your home resides in a refreshing atmosphere of greenery amongst the woods, fountains and lush grass. Enjoy relaxing here in your home, surrounded by nature.Enjoy life in Cairo in Mountain View October Park. With an exclusive range of luxury houses of American architecture nestled in acres of garden parks. Far away from the stress of city life, there are panoramic lake views, tree-lined boulevards and outdoor fitness trails.
When you own a unit at Mountain View October Park, Your home will be in the middle of lush landscapes. As you would expect from a gated community of this quality, the compound is equipped with the highest levels of security. For further convenience and the added safety of its residents, Mountain View October Park is designed with separate pedestrian walkways throughout the compound, set on a different level from the roads used by vehicles.
You don’t have to worry about your kids’ safety playing outdoor, specially when it comes to crossing streets, it will become a thing of the past. Now with Mountain View October Park ingenious overhead bridges crossing over walkways, we ensure that vehicles will never interrupt your pedestrian experience. This will provide a healthy and safe environment for you and your young ones.
One of the most stunning features of Mountain View October Park is the Crystal Lake. The Lake gathers together natural beauty with a touch of refinement. Leisurely unwind by drifting in the water in one of the canoes and while watching the sky and listening to the birdsong. Crystal lake is a calm retreat where you can enjoy a perfect sunset scene with all your beloved ones.
The pedestrian trails in Mountain View October Park wind through two kilometers and can be used for jogging and cycling, or for gently strolling through the natural environment. The Swedish Vita Parcours concept is a new way to exercise on a fitness trail in the woods. It is an outdoor gym for a refreshing workout in the crisp air.
All parts of Mountain View October Park branch away from the tree-lined boulevard, which acts as the main stem connecting all the gardens together. The variety of styles means that everyone will have a favorite garden that reflects their taste and choosing from the Meditation, Royal and Organic Gardens.
The Meditation Garden is the perfect, peaceful retreat. There are meditation spots with comfortable seating to enjoy the surroundings for hours. This garden can be enjoyed for solitary moments or romantic ones.
The Royal Gardens exhibit graceful geometric design with a central water feature providing a serene meeting point for all visitors and residents.
The Organic Garden is a natural space that brings out the joys of nurturing plants, harvesting orchards and watching natural pollination and growth. The trees provide the perfect shade while children take part and watch agriculture in all its colorful glory with the benefit of tasting the fruits they produce.
Amongst the woods is the enchanting tree house, where adults and children can take pleasure in tree-top adventures in a vista perfectly situated atop the mature trees. At the foot of the main tree is a large clearing for outdoor barbecues, camping or for picnics.

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