6th of October, 6th of October City

On Sale 4,481,600 - Apartment
278 M² 0 M² 3 Bedrooms3 Bathrooms Fully-Finished


Ground Floor                                 278.50 m²
Average Garden Area                  117.25 m
Reception                                       5.95m x 7.65m
Dining                                              4.40m x 5.40m
Kitchen                                             4.00m x 4.40m
Nannys' room- Bathroom              1.85m x 2.00m - 1.00m x 2.00m
Guest Toilet                                     1.65m x 2.00m
Master Bedroom-Bathroom          4.50m x 6.00m - 3.10m x 2.30m
Bedroom 1                                      4.50m x 4.25m
Bedroom 2                                      4.25m x 4.65m
Bathroom                                        2.95m x 2.30m
Terrace                                           4.10m x 4.40m
Payment Terms: 6 years
Delivery year: 1 and 2 years

Payment Terms


Delivery Date



  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom 1
  • Bedroom 2
  • Dining Area
  • Guest Toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Master Bedroom
  • Nanny's Room - Bath
  • Reception
  • Terrace
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